عوامل موثر در Fluency چیست؟قسمت ۵

Trying Not to ‘Umm’ and ‘Ahh’

Many students associate making ‘ummm’, ‘ahh’ and ’emmm’ sounds with poor fluency. If you hesitate frequently and makes these sounds, then it is a problem, but making them sometimes is not only fine, it is totally natural.

Listen to anyone, in any language, and they naturally make these sounds when chatting with someone. The problem is that many students obsess about not making these sounds in their speaking test and the result is they think about them too much and it is totally unnatural to do this when you are speaking. This results in a loss of fluency and it takes up too much of your brain power that would be better used on language and ideas.

Solution– Accept that making these hesitation sounds will happen and they are totally natural and acceptable. If you make them infrequently, don’t worry.

Again, you can record yourself and find out how often you make these sounds. It is probably much less than you think.

Finally, people normally make these hesitations when they are thinking of ideas or searching for language. See the solutions to problems 2 and 4 above and they will become less of a problem.

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