نمونه اسپیکینگ آیلتس در هند دسامبر 2017

نمونه اسپیکینگ آیلتس در هند دسامبر ۲۰۱۷

نمونه اسپیکینگ آیلتس در هند دسامبر ۲۰۱۷



– What is your full name?

– Can I see your ID?

– Where are you from?

– Do you work or study?

– What is your home town?

– Please describe your hometown a little.

– How long have you been living there?

– Are you still in contact with your friends from high school?

– What happened on the first day of high school?

– Who was your favourite teacher?

– Does it rain much in your city?

– Do you like rainy days?

– What do you do if you’re outside and it starts raining?

Cue Card

Describe a time when you helped someone. Please say

– Who did you help? Why?

– How did you help this person?

– What was the result?


– Do you like helping others?

– Do you do it often?

– In what way do people usually help each other?

– Is there any difference between the past and the present in the way people help others?

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