تدریس خصوصی آیلتس

سوالات آیلتس جنرال فوریه ۲۰۱۷ قزاقستان

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

Write an inquiry letter to your new employer with a suggestion to hire your close friend or relative. In your letter say

  • Who is this person?
  • Why should your employer hire him/her?
  • Suggest what job he/she should be doing.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Most people believe that the best way to spend holidays is by going abroad, staying at a hotel and enjoying the local attractions. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

Speaking test


  • What is your full name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?
  • What subject are you studying?
  • Do you like sunny weather?
  • Why is it so?
  • How do people usually convey information to each other?
  • Is it easier to inform somebody now, compared to the past?
  • Why do you think so?

Cue Card

Talk about an instance when you were surprised to receive some interesting news or information. Please

  • Where and when was it?
  • What was it about?
  • Who did inform you about it?


  • How did you get the news?
  • What did you feel then?
  • Did you tell somebody about it?
  • How did you feel about it later?
تدریس خصوصی آیلتس

سوالات آیلتس آکادمیک می ۲۰۱۷ کانادا

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given a graph showing the number of people per household in the UK in two different years.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Some animal species are now completely extinct. Many people believe that we should prevent this from happening in the future. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Speaking test


  • What is your full name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?
  • What subject are you studying?
  • Where do you live now?
  • What type of house do you live in?
  • What would you like in your future home?
  • Do you like traveling by bus?

Cue Card

Talk about an interesting conversation that you had with a person that you don’t know. Please say

  • What was the conversation about?
  • Who was that person?
  • Why was it an interesting conversation?


  • Do you prefer face-to-face or phone conversations?
  • Why is that?
  • Is there a difference between male and female conversations?
تدریس خصوصی آیلتس

سوالات اسپیکینگ آیلتس ژانویه ۲۰۱۷ قزاقستان

Speaking test


  • What is your full name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?
  • What is your favourite subject?
  • Why do you like studying it?
  • What do you like to do when it is sunny outside? Why?
  • What type of books do you read?
  • What do you do on weekends?

Cue Card

Describe an activity that you do when you have free time. Please say

  • What is it?
  • Why do you like doing it?
  • How have you been doing it?


  • Do you think it is good to have a hobby?
  • What hobbies are popular in your country?
  • Why are they so popular in your opinion?
تدریس خصوصی آیلتس

نمونه اسپیکینگ آیلتس

Part 1

Time: 4-5 minutes

Are you a student or do you work now?

  • Why did you choose this course/job?
  • Talk about your daily routine.
  • Is there anything about your course/job you would like to change?
  • I’d like to move on and ask you some questions about shopping.

Who does most of the shopping in your household?

  • What type of shopping do you like? (Why?)
  • Is shopping a popular activity in your country? (Why/why not?)
  • What type of shops do teenagers like best in your country?

Let’s talk about films.

  • How often do you go to the cinema?
  • What type of films do you like best? (Why?)
  • What type of films don’t you like? (Why not?)

Part 2

Time: 3-4 minutes

Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for 1-2 minutes.

Before you talk you’ll have one minute to think about what you are going to say and you can make notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Ok, here’s some paper and a pencil to make notes, and here is your topic. I’d like you to describe something you own which is very important to you.

Describe an important event in your life.

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who you were with
  • What happened

And explain why you feel it was important.

Describe an important event in your life.

Follow up questions:

  • Do you still think about this event often?
  • Can the other people involved remember this event?

Part 3

Time: 4-5 minutes

We’ve been talking about an important event in your life, and I’d now like to ask you some questions related to this.

  • What days are important in your country?
  • Why it is important to have national celebrations?
  • How is the way your national celebrations are celebrated now different from the way they were celebrated in the past?
  • Do you think any new national celebrations will come into being in the future?
  • Are there any celebrations from other countries that you celebrate in your country?
  • What are the benefits of having events that many people around the world are celebrating on the same day?

Thank you. That is the end of the speaking test for IELTS.