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۵ اصل مهم در رایتینگ

In IELTS Writing, you must always keep to the topic set. Never try to prepare sections of text before the exam. Keep to the suggested timing: there are more marks possible for Task 2 than Task 1. Organize and link your ideas and sentences appropriately, using a wide range of language and showing your ability […]

writing 7.5

Question: some people believe that children should learn about healthy diets by their parents at home, while others hold the view of being thought by teachers when they go to primary schools. Discuss both views and give your opinion where necessary . In the contemporary era, children obesity has been subsumed as an exploding crisis […]

Writing for IELTS, session5

Writing for IELTS session5

Writing for IELTS session5 Adverbial clauses Time: Connectors: when/ whenever/ since/ before/ after/ as soon as/ by the time/ as/ while/… Example: I have not seen him [since he moved to London] Place: Connectors: where/ while Example: He makes trouble [where he goes]. Cause and reason: Connectors: because/ inasmuch as/ as/ since/ due to the […]

Writing for IELTS, session4

Writing for IELTS session4

Writing for IELTS, session4 Conditional Sentences Type 0 Describes a fact Structure: If + Subject + Present verb + Object, Subject + Present verb + Object. Example: If there is an earthquake, run out. If you heat the Ice, It melts. Type 1 Describes a possible happening Structure: If + Subject + present verb + […]