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You are given about 30 or 40 seconds to check your answers at the end of each section. DO NOT CHECK YOUR ANSWERS . Instead, you should directly go to the next part and read next questions or even underline some keywords to make your self both ready for what you are going to hear and Predict what kind of information (noun,adjective,verb and etc) you need for the blank space.

In this way you buy time!! This means you both have some time to check the next questions at the end of the former section and also you are given some time again after the next section is started to read the questions. So if you practice it you can fully read the questions in the exam and this will BOOST your score.

Names/places are written in Capital letters so watch out not to make silly mistakes and loose points

always check out the words limitation and do not write more than its been asked.

Try to get familiar with different accents in English. You know there are some English speaking countries that the Ielts test might appear in their accent in the listening part. These countries are : Britain , America , Ireland, South Africa, Canada, australia and New Zealand . You can listen to BBC news channel on tv or listen to “TED radio hour” or etc to master.

The Examiner may sometimes trick you in the listening part. In some situations an idea is given through a monologue or a conversation that might be changed in the following. So listen carefully to the whole voices not just the parts the questions are posed from.

Listen to the test voices only once in the mock tests at home and avoid listening to them more than once in order to answer the test. You can of course listen again later when the exam is finished. But at home make an exam condition for yourself.

Do not forget to have an eraser and a pencil with yours. No Pen should be used to write your answers.

The listening part is not just a listening test. Its about all the skills like writing, reading and you vocabulary circle check. So practice all before taking the test.

Active your listening skill. Because this test will take about 30 minutes, you are highly at risk of loosing concentration due to boredom. So you need to be ware of what you hear even if you are doing some works else. This skill will be discussed later in full details.

DO NOT leave a blank space. Even if you couldn’t hear what the guy said , make a smart guess and write it . That might be true.

Listen to the information given at the start of each section. You are not assess for what you hear but this gives you some useful information about what you are going to hear and you might imagine yourself in the situation and predict what words might be heard

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