IELTS Speaking vocabulary for Education topic

اموزش لغات اسپیکینگ آیلتس

Part 1

Do you work or are you a student?

At the moment  I’m studying. I’m doing a graduate degree in molecular biology in the Vanderbilt University.

Why did you choose that subject?

I’ve always loved life sciences, particularly biology… And when I received my [tooltip hint=”An undergraduate course which usually lasts 3 or 4 years.”]bachelor’s degree[/tooltip] I took a research internship in a laboratory where I studied interactions between proteins… And then I understood that I want to[tooltip hint=”To continue career path in.”]pursue my career in[/tooltip] biochemistry or molecular biology.

Can you describe yourself as a good student?

Well, overall I think I am a good student. … I am not an [tooltip hint=”A very enthusiastic and hard-working person.”]eager beaver[/tooltip] , nor the [tooltip hint=”Student whom teachers like the most.”] teacher’s pet[/tooltip]… but I’m good at scientific subjects and, most importantly, I like studying.

Do you study English now?

Yes, of course. I’ve taken [tooltip hint=” A course that offers longer and more frequent classes”]an intensive course[/tooltip]. this year, where I’ve [tooltip hint=”attend classes”]attend classes[/tooltip] three times a week… And I [tooltip hint=”Plan to continue”]plan on pursuing[/tooltip]. my studies in the future, too…

Did you enjoy/Do you enjoy studying at school?

I’ve never really liked school… I’m not a [tooltip hint=”and a lot of humanities subjects seemed too boring to me.”]bookworm[/tooltip] and a lot of humanities subjects seemed too boring to me. However, the [tooltip hint=”An amount of work one should do in a specific time period.”]workload[/tooltip] was not too big… The other good thing about school is being able to see your friends. And fortunately, I had wonderful classmates.

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a period of time from your studies that was the most difficult for you so far. You should say:

  • When it was
  • Why was it hard
  • What you were doing at that time

and say why is it so important to you

I would like to talk about my last school year. It was really diffucult due to [tooltip hint=”Very big amounts”]enormous amounts[/tooltip] of homework I had to do and all the exams I had to prepare for… Em, so I studied hard, having no time to [tooltip hint=”Spend time doing nothing important.”]goof around[/tooltip] … Moreover, I forgot a lot of things from the school curriculum, that’s why I had to do a lot of revision…But despite the tough preparation, I managed to [tooltip hint=” To take some time.”]set aside some time[/tooltip] to rest and interact with my friends and family… After all, my efforts were not [tooltip hint=”without result “]in vain[/tooltip]… I passed all the exams well and was admitted to the university of my dream.

Part 3

What are some essential qualities every teacher should have?

As for me, every teacher should be able to [tooltip hint=”to interest someone”]catch student’s attention[/tooltip] . It is very important to make your subject interesting to the others… Also, teacher should be a [tooltip hint=” A person who is very talented in one specific field.”]subject specialist[/tooltip] and a kind, helpful person..

What are some pros of studying on a distance learning course?

To be honest, I think it’s very advantageous to study in such way… It gives you more time flexibility, especially if you have a job… Not to mention that it is [tooltip hint=”Not very expensive.”]fairly cheap[/tooltip] , compared to [tooltip hint=” A traditional way of studying: in a classroom with a teacher.”]face-to-face classes[/tooltip] …

Does everybody get equal opportunities to study?

Definitely not. I think it really depends on a country you live in… Moreover, it depends on your [tooltip hint=”an ability to pay for something.”]financial capabilities[/tooltip] … Some schools and universities are just too expensive… Only a [tooltip hint=”Small part.”]small fraction[/tooltip]  of people can afford to study there.

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