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کاربرد although , though , even though

although , though , even though

کاربرد although , though , even though این مقاله با کمک اساتید برتر شهر آیلتس که مرجع تدریس خصوصی آیلتس می باشند مطالب زیر تهیه شده است کاربرد although در یافت عکس کاربرد although , though , even though کلمات though , although به معنای «اگرچه» و even though به معنای «حتی اگر چه » […]

نمونه کارت بخش دوم آزمون شفاهی به همراه جواب

Good Sample Answer: I’m going to describe a café that I go to maybe once a week. It’s just down the road from where I live, near Manchester, so it’s really convenient for me to walk down there for a coffee or a bite to eat, and to use the wifi. The last time I […]

سوالات آیلتس آکادمیک دسامبر 2016 کلمبیا

Writing test Writing task 1 (Report) We were given a process diagram with nine pictures showing how cans are recycled. We had to summarize and describe the process. Writing task 2 (Essay) Some people believe that to learn the way other cultures live it is better to watch films or video programs. Others believe that […]

سوالات آیلتس جنرال مه 2016 ایران و اسپانیا

Two IELTS test takers from Iran and Spain had identical exams, and remembered the following details: Listening test Section 1. A phone conversation regarding hotel booking. Section 2. About different countries and their approach to food and dishes. Section 3. About pest species in different countries. Section 4. About IT classes, requirements and training. Questions: […]