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نمونه کارت بخش دوم آزمون شفاهی به همراه جواب

Good Sample Answer: I’m going to describe a café that I go to maybe once a week. It’s just down the road from where I live, near Manchester, so it’s really convenient for me to walk down there for a coffee or a bite to eat, and to use the wifi. The last time I […]

سوالات آیلتس جنرال فوریه ۲۰۱۷ قزاقستان

Writing test Writing task 1 (a letter) Write an inquiry letter to your new employer with a suggestion to hire your close friend or relative. In your letter say Who is this person? Why should your employer hire him/her? Suggest what job he/she should be doing. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Most people believe that […]

سوالات آیلتس آکادمیک می ۲۰۱7 کانادا

Writing task 1 (a report) We were given a graph showing the number of people per household in the UK in two different years. Writing task 2 (an essay) Some animal species are now completely extinct. Many people believe that we should prevent this from happening in the future. Do you agree or disagree with […]

سوالات آیلتس آکادمیک ژانویه 2017 استرالیا

Listening testIELTS test in Australia Section 1. A conversation with a customer care representative about roadside car assistance. Questions: filling in blanks. Section 2. Two lecturers were discussing their students’ geology field trip. Section 3. Don’t remember. Section 4. A speech about a company. Questions: filling in blanks. Reading test Passage 1. About congestion and […]