Writing for IELTS, session7

Task two:

There are 4 different kinds of topics for task 2 essays in IELTS examination:

  1. General subjects
  2. Agree/ disagree subjects
  3. Advantages/ disadvantages subjects.
  4. Compare and contrast subjects.

In type one topics (general topics) we should never say our own opinion. What we should do
is to agree with the opinion which is suggested in the topic and to describe it. In some cases
we also need to choose one point between two suggested points.
We should:

  1. explain
  2. say our preference

In type two topics (agree/ disagree) we should decide to agree or disagree and we need to
bring our reasons for agreement or disagreement.
In type three topics (advantages/ disadvantages) there is no need to agree or disagree. We just
need to say good points and bad points of the subject.
In type four (compare/ contrast) we should only compare two subject and say similarities and
differences. We should not have a final determination.
In whole writing we should try to show that we are a knowledgeable person and we know
English very well.

First paragraph:
First paragraph in our essay is our introduction .
In first paragraph:

  1. We need to convey that we have understood the topic.
  2. We need to convey that we know what the topic wants.
  3. We need to determine the subject of the following paragraphs.
  4. We need to interest the reader to continue following us.

Agree / Disagree topics:
Paragraph one:
It consists of 5 sentences:

  1. Restate the topic with different vocabulary and structure + main background.
  2. Interest the reader by emphasizing on the subject by using strong adjectives (we should
    not use relative adjectives.)
  3. State your opinion: we should not use political and personal opinions and our opinion
    should be well supported and universal.
  4. Support your idea by two blueprints: ( Two main idea which should be discussed in
    future paragraphs.)
  5. Link the mentioned points to the following explanations.

We should not write about personal affairs and we should not use word “I”.
We should not use words which show our doubt about the subject.
First we should find two key words of the topic which we are ask to discuss their relationship
in our essay and then we have to connect them using sample sentences below:
Suggested samples as the first sentence of the first paragraph:

  1. Taking … into consideration as …, it should be included that….
  2. Contemplating on … considered as … it should be said that….
  3. Regarding … considered as … it is presented that …
  4. As … seems one of the … I have ever faced ….
  5. … viewed as … necessarily needs a lot of elaboration.

A sentence which can be added after stating our blueprints:
Just to be within the scope of the subject, other reasons would be better to remain
Suggested samples as the fifth sentence of the first paragraph:

  1. The aforementioned aspects/ dimensions/ angles/ facets/ factors/ reasons/ views/
    points/ perspectives will be enlightened more.
  2. More explanation will be put forward.
  3. The previously suggested points are going to be more elaborated/ explained.
  4. The following will illuminate the put forward points more.
  5. The following manifestations will shed more light on the proposed ideas.
  6. To cast more clarification on the offered points, the following seems necessary.

To start making decision we need to go on brain storming to find 2 points to describe.
It is better to write the essay in four paragraphs in order to avoid overlap of main ideas and to
have enough time to discuss a bout our ideas.

مطالعه برترین مطالب شهر آیلتس را به شما پیشنهاد میکنیم :

آیلتس تضمینی ، کلاس خصوصی آیلتس ، آموزش آیلتس آنلاین