Writing for IELTS, session8

In our essay we should never use words like: I, want, I want, essay, paragraph, I will
write, but we can use this sentence instead:
“It should be said that.”
Second and third paragraphs in agree/ disagree topics:
First sentences:
Stating the blueprints (main ideas) and their relationship with the topic.
Second sentence:
Stating the importance of the blueprints.
Third sentence:
Saying sub reasons.
Fourth sentence:
Examples or more support.
Fifth sentence:
Connecting to the next paragraph.
Suggested samples as the first sentence of the second and third paragraphs:

  1. Emphasizing on the importance of “the subject”, one of main causes/ reasons to stress
    is that “Blueprint A or B”.
  2. The most outstanding feature of “the subject” is “Blueprint A or B”.
  3. “Blueprint A or B” can be considered as one of the main facts of ” the subject”.
  4. The major emphasis can be considered upon “Blueprint A or B”.
  5. One of the unignorable perspectives related to” the subject” can be “Blueprint A or B”.
  6. As “Blueprint A or B” is quite effective in the “the subject” it should be said that….
  7. Taking “Blueprint A or B” into close consideration regarded the “the subject” it could
    be presented that…

Suggested samples as the fifth sentence of the second and third paragraphs:

  1. And of course this is not all.
  2. And definitely there are more to be considered in this field.
  3. Since it is a multi-dimensional/ multi-faceted/ multi-perspective/ general/ two-folded/
    deep/ profound/ arguable/ debatable topic it should be emphasized/ enlightened/
    highlighted/ clarified/ illuminated/ explained/ illustrated/ disentangled more.
  4. This subject deserves/ needs/ requires/ demands/ calls for more elaboration.
مطالعه برترین مطالب شهر آیلتس را به شما پیشنهاد میکنیم :

آیلتس تضمینی ، کلاس خصوصی آیلتس ، آموزش آیلتس آنلاین