تدریس خصوصی آیلتس
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تدریس خصوصی آیلتس
IELTS Speaking vocabulary for music topic
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IELTS Speaking vocabulary for environment topic

تدریس خصوصی آیلتس

Part 1

Do you think pollution is a big problem nowadays?

Yes, definitely. Air and water pollution are huge issues in the modern world… The air pollution problem is especially grave   due to the increasing amount of exhaust fumes , Which are produced by cars, and result into a poor air quality .

What do you do to prevent our environment from pollution?

A lot of things… First of all, I don’t litterAlso, my family and me try to buy only environmentally friendly  goods whenever we can… And finally, I try to save trees… I print on both sides of every sheet of paper I use and use any left over white space to scribble notes.

Have you ever participated in any environmental events?

Yes, of course! Last year I participated in an event in my hometown, which was all about preserving nature… We were taught about the greenhouse effect   ) (and I learned about many endangered species  in the world.

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue

Describe an environmental problem or event. You should say:

  • What is it
  • Where is it happening
  • What problems does it cause

I would like to talk about global warming  reason of global warming is the greenhouse effect   … Nowadays people are producing excessive amounts of greenhouse gases, mostly by burning fossil fuels. These gases let sunlight in, which warms the Earth, and then block that heat from leaving… That breaks the delicate natural balance and causes our planet to warm… As global warming changes the climate on the whole planet, it affects all countries in the world and causes many serious problems… For example, global warming causes melting of glaciers  , which in turn raises the sea-level… Eventually, coastal areas are flooding and agriculture is damaged unless appropriate measures are taken… As it is a worldwide problem, I think that only joint efforts will help us to overcome this issue.

Part 3

In which way do people damage our planet?

Er… In my point of view, we damage the Earth in many ways. Just take a look at all those factories that empty toxic wastee  into rivers and lakes… People also destroy a great deal of natural areas in search of fossil fuelsNot to mention poaching  and endangering of wild animals.

Do you think that the environmental situation will improve in the nearest future?

Yes, I would like to believe so… People are getting more and more aware of the major environmental issues that we’re dealing with nowadays… I hope that we will get back to nature  and start caring about our planet more.

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