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Question: some people believe that children should learn about healthy diets by their parents at home, while others hold the view of being thought by teachers when they go to primary schools.

Discuss both views and give your opinion where necessary .

In the contemporary era, children obesity has been subsumed as an exploding crisis in developed countries; therefore, in order to surmount this century monster, a public recognition with regard to the children´s healthy diet is needed to be considered. On one hand, many people think serious academic programs must be held by teachers for children when they are going to primary school, but on the other, some parents believe a panacea for this remedy is providing a nutrition guide for children’s diet health at home. In this essay the merits of both arguments will be analyzed before a personal conclusion is decided upon. However, due to several convincing reasons the first one is discussed.

By scrutinizing at the nexus between the stated claims at preceding argument some points can be marked. For succinctness, viewing each point separately is necessary. Firstly, some individuals argue a health nutrition program which is taught by teachers and health educators from primary school is a magic bullet to tackle this obstacle. In exemplification, according to the latest performed investigation of Harvard University dietitians on primary school students, published in International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR) in September 2014, children have close attention on their healthy diet when they are involved in teaching programs at school, and it does provide them with a deeper understanding vis-à-vis the healthy diet program, such as the healthy eating pyramid in their daily diet.

However, many other people state that a greater awareness of children’s healthy diet can be achieved by parents at home. In the way of this group, children’s instinct tend to mimic and imitate from their parents; for example, the way parents talk about foods have a direct influence of developing healthy eating habits on a child. Thus, children pick up their parents’ attitude about foods. As a result in this group, parents require to choose a correct demonstration of healthy attitude.

After pinpointing at these two opposing points of view, I personally believe that children should be taught about their health diet programs by teachers when they go to primary school because deep learning can be made for them.

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